About Us


While most of the art prints, apparel and merchandise is based on the artwork of Ben Steele, Beg Borrow and Steele Art Company also carries some awesome art and pop culture brands, like Unemployed Philosophers Guild.


It’s a gift shop. It’s a gallery. It’s an art experience. Like Steele’s diverse artwork, we couldn’t quite make up our mind. So, it became a little bit of everything.


Our brick-and-mortar store is located in downtown Helper, UT: a quaint artist enclave in the majestic bookcliffs of central Utah. The historic coal and mining town has adopted many refugee art students, including Steele, who made his home here nearly 20 years ago. Luckily, the amazing natives are currently considering giving him local status.


Beg, Borrow and Steele Art Co. was originally conceived in early 2019 by Ben and his wife Melanie; operating in a small corner of Ben’s downtown studio while Ben prepared to grow his studio space to a former Coors bottling factory up the street. Thanks to Covid in 2020, most of our debut candy store merchandise expired and our official launch was postponed until May of 2021. Happily, it has been a growing community gathering place ever since.


The art experience is one that should be shared. Unfortunately, cutting fine art canvases into multiple pieces tends to reduce their value (unless you're Banksy). That’s why Beg, Borrow and Steele offers art in many forms, whether it’s a print, a postcard, a magnet for the fridge, or wearable art like our popular Drink the Coolaid shirt.